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Denecke Employment Law service areas include:

Investigation of internal employee complaints including sexual harassment and other forms of alleged discrimination and harassment.

Consultation, review and drafting concerning independent contractor audits and agreements; employment, severance, non-competition, non-solicitation, confidentiality and intellectual property rights agreements.

Consultation and drafting of employment related policies and procedures, including the use of social media.

Training and education for management and front line employees concerning harassment, equal employment opportunity, diversity, wage and hour laws, family leave laws, social media in the workplace, state and federal disability discrimination laws, discipline and discharge, performance evaluations.

Defense of civil and agency claims of discrimination or wrongful termination, such as alleged discrimination on the basis of disability, race, age, sex (including sexual harassment), sexual orientation, national origin, religion, military/veteran status.

Defense of state and federal wage and hour claims of unpaid wages, overtime, and unauthorized deductions.

Defense of claims of alleged retaliation because of workers’ compensation claims, the use of state and/or federal family leave, disability/medical conditions.

Defense of claims of “whistleblowing” activity, such as for reporting or opposing alleged financial irregularities, violations of local, state or federal laws or regulations, occupational safety and health (OSHA) violations, and other illegal activities.

Advice and counsel concerning the application and hiring process.

Advice and counsel concerning discipline and discharge.

Advice concerning workers’ compensation claims and reinstatement of injured workers.

Workplace diversity audits and counseling.